Race DateRace NameResults
17/01/2021Matilda Bay Runopen results
10/01/2021Burswood Twilightopen results
Race DateRace NameResults

Burswood Twilight

20/01/2018Matilda Bayopen results
11/02/2018John Forrest Cross Countryopen results

Point Walter Run

11/03/2018Darlington 8KMopen results
11/03/2018Darlington Half Marathonopen results
18/03/2018Peninsula 5km and 10kmopen results
02/04/2018Mount Helena 40 Miler - Soloopen results
02/04/2018Mount Helena 40 Miler - Relayopen results
08/04/2018Asics Bridges 5kmopen results
08/04/2018Asics Bridges 10kmopen results
22/04/2018Lake Gwelup 5kmopen results
22/04/2018Lake Gwelup 10kmopen results
06/05/2018Perth 32kmopen results
06/05/2018Perth 32 - 10km runopen results
20/05/2018King of the Mountainopen results
03/06/2018Shelley Loop - 10kmopen results
03/06/2018Shelley Loop - 3kmopen results
17/06/2018Running Warehouse Perth Marathonopen results
17/06/2018Running Warehouse Perth Marathon Relayopen results
01/07/2018Roller Coaster Run - 5km and 10kmopen results
15/07/2018Regis Aged Care Womens's Classic 10kmopen results
15/07/2018Regis Aged Care Womens's Classic 5kmopen results
05/08/2018Matrix Partners Perth Half Marathon & 5kmopen results
19/08/2018Lake Joondalup Runopen results

Spring To It Run

16/09/2018Regis Aged Care Fremantle Running Festivalopen results
30/09/2018Cyril Norman City Beach Cupopen results
07/10/2018Wally Cairns Pancake Runopen results
21/10/2018Goodlife Rottnest Running Festivalopen results
02/11/2018John Gilmore 10km Track Raceopen results
11/11/2018Deepwater Point 15km, 7.5km, 3kmopen results
25/11/2018Joondalup Half Marathonopen results
25/11/2018Joondalup 5kmopen results
09/12/2018Founders City Beach Runopen results
26/12/2018Parlouf Relayopen results
31/12/2018New Years Eve - interim resultsopen results